Monday, January 26, 2009

WAsss Gooodd New Year? We got a Black Prez?? And D40 at ma hip? Guess This Year Imma Blogger. Imma Update cha on ma Art and Music that Im doin, News around the World, Videos, ect. Check out and Add my Music Page
Imma Try to do this whenever im not procrastinating....or....doing hw. Let it Begin!!!
WDIW (What Did I Wear) 1/26/09

Love THese Jeans To Deathh
Am90s Need to Wear these More lol

Today I tried out fo tha VCU Strut Fashion Show lol Number #147 outta like 155 lol Hey Wish me luck. Also Doin ma dudes Bolajis Fashion Show as well.

ITs Eighter L.A
Miami WHen IM DOne at VCU!!! Trying to Get An Internshippp!! NEed to Get my Resume togetherrrr!!!

ohh yea....GUCCI!!!! lol dude is stewinn hard!! LOL

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