Tuesday, March 3, 2009

What I'M Watchin

Rob Dyrdek's Fantasy Factory is All I need!!! lol shit makes ma day/weekend

When I have time to watch tv this is what I watch (usually catch up on it on the net in tha library and I try not to laugh to hard) Poor Drama...always gettin tha worse of things lol

And of course SVU Baby!!

Starting Right Now Ill be posting every new episode starting with #3

Episode 3 Extreme Timmy

Episode 4 Motelier

Shitt I want a hot receptionist that freestyles....but first i gotta start with just a receptionist lol
*Robs impersonation of his manager (mr. hippy lol) i was dyinnnn!

**Bonus Deleted Scene *Skateboard P* stops By to check out tha Factory

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